Calcium Fortification... Easy as 1, 2, 3

Looking for a single, reliable source of calcium for food fortification?

Almost daily, nutrition researchers are finding that calcium deficiencies affect the human body far beyond skeletal needs. With new knowledge continually emerging, it is not surprising that calcium is becoming increasingly important in food fortification. Today, a wide variety of food and beverages are fortified with calcium, but it is doubtful that any one calcium source can suit the needs of all applications. Solubility and organoleptic factors make certain calcium compounds more suitable for one application over another.

To address this need, Albion has developed a line of calcium compounds with the chemical, physical, and sensory properties that will fit your fortification requirements.
SITUATION: You need to fortify many different food products with calcium. You need a single calcium source that can adequately fulfill your varied needs for baked good, fruit juices, bottled waters, milk, and butter, to name a few. You need good calcium availability percentages, stability, and most importantly, great organoleptic properties. You need all of this from a safe, reliable source with a proven track record and product support.

SOLUTION: Albion Human Nutrition's exclusive range of calcium forms developed specifically to outperform its competitors:
  1. DimaCal ®
  2. Calcium Citrate Malate (CCM)
  3. Calci-K ®

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