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To further demonstrate the difference between Albion's Ferrochel® and the other company's “chelated” iron product, Albion did additional tests related to the parameters of a true mineral amino acid chelate. Figure 4 gives a summary of these test findings.

Chemical comparison of Ferrochel.

As stated in Figure 4, the ligand:metal ratio (L:M ratios) for Ferrochel® is 2:1, while Company F's iron amino acid “chelate” product has a L:M of 0.7:1. This is a very critical point. A mineral amino acid chelate can exist at a molar ratio (L:M) of 1:1 to 3: 1, and the preference for minerals of +2 valence is a 2:1 molar ratio, which gives a +2 mineral the optimum chemical attributes to provide the highest level of mineral amino acid chelate advantages. In a case where the mineral is a +3 valence, the optimum molar ratio is 3: 1. Company F's 0.7:1 molar ratio tells us that there is 0.7 moles of the amino acid ligand for every 1.0 moles of the mineral iron. This would mean that we do not have a true mineral amino acid chelate. To further show that Company F's product is not a mineral amino acid chelate; the ingredients were put into water and then passed through a filter. In the case of Albion's Ferrochel, the L:M ratio of the filtrate and the precipitate gathered in the filter was the same, which tells you that none of the iron separated from the ligand, which is an attribute of a mineral amino acid chelate. In the case of company F, the molar ratios of the iron and the ligand, which were already too low to be a chelate, were different for the filtrate and the precipitate. In addition, ferrous sulfate crystals were recovered from the liquid. Conclusion, Company F's iron amino acid “chelate” is not a chelate, and it is not to be considered an equivalent to Albion's Ferrochel.


The new testing method can be one of the biggest breakthroughs in the mineral amino acid chelate field of technology. It will allow the producers of real amino acid chelates to be separated from the adulterated product that has been sold as their equivalents for many years. Albion Human Nutrition stands ready to back its TRAACS range of mineral amino acid chelates with this proven method for validating its chelates.

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